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  • Newsletter - January/February 2018

    As Liberty Hill continues our fight for a healthy and environmentally just region as part of our Agenda for a Just Future, we are narrowing our lens with a keen focus on ending oil drilling near homes and schools in low income communities and communities of color.

  • Environmental News Roundup

    In the fight to end neighborhood oil drilling across Los Angeles’ communities, every small victory is worth celebrating, and every campaign move is an opportunity to highlight the public health challenges that communities face.

  • My Fight For Youth Justice

    If someone offered you $100,000 and two years to think deeply about how to solve a big problem, what problem would you tackle? As a recipient of the 2018 Stanton Fellowship, I have just that opportunity.

  • Liberty Hill Divests From Fossil Fuels

    In accordance with our dedication to fighting climate change and our belief in a greener future, Liberty Hill is proud to announce that we are divesting entirely from fossil fuels.

  • Newsletter - November 2017

    Liberty Hill is unveiling a bold new policy plan to tackle three of L.A.'s greatest injustices: youth incarceration, homelessness and lack of affordable housing, and oil drilling near homes and schools.