L.A.'s social justice epicenter since 1976

Change L.A.

Guests at 2018 Change L.A. event watch honoree Amelia Williamson accept award.

Change L.A.

Change L.A. brings together a community of over 100 emerging donor-activists, organizers and supporters of progress who share a passion for social change and want to fund critical movements for racial, economic, environmental and LGBTQ justice.

This event provides an opportunity to meet the L.A. activists, changemakers, community leaders and organizers who are making our region a more just and equitable place for all.

Change L.A. started as a series of after-work get-togethers in Downtown Los Angeles, and has since grown into a network of donor-activists who are looking to support meaningful social justice work here at home.

The discussions that begin at Change L.A. unite us around a common purpose: to make L.A. the fair and equitable place we know it can be.

Events like Change L.A. ensure that Liberty Hill can continue to be the home for progressive philanthropy, as we fuel progress through our Agenda for a Just Future and power landmark efforts to end youth incarceration as we know it, fight for a roof over every head and eliminate neighborhood oil drilling.

Connect. Engage. CHANGE L.A.