L.A.'s social justice epicenter since 1976

Liberty Hill's Agenda for a Just Future

Liberty Hill empowers youth to become community leaders. Our Agenda for a Just Future will fight for youth justice.

The Fight for Justice Begins in Los Angeles.

The chaos in Washington isn't going away any time soon. Backlash politics threaten years of social justice progress. Washington D.C. is even targeting California for especially punitive policies, rollbacks and funding manipulations.

Here on the West Coast, we have a clear duty to defend the progressive state, county and city we helped create. It is Liberty Hill's mission to include all Angelenos in the effort to achieve fairness and equity.

Time and time again, Los Angeles has been at the frontlines of the fight for social justice, and Liberty Hill has been engaged when and where the struggle is most intense. Through organizing, philanthropy and visionary leadership fueled by you and our other donor-activists, we have built power and won the progressive policies that make L.A. a model for the nation.

Despite these wins, Los Angeles is Number 1 in key areas of injustice:

  • More young people are incarcerated or under law enforcement supervision in L.A. County than in any other jurisdiction in the nation.
  • Los Angeles has the nation's largest unsheltered homeless population.
  • Los Angeles is the largest urban oil field in America.

When L.A. gets it right, it means that we have mobilized more allies and overcome more obstacles than anywhere else.

We have to pick our fights and Liberty Hill picks our youth, our homes and our health. With this Agenda for a Just Future, we will:

  1. RESIST the racist rollback of policing reforms and END YOUTH INCARCERATION AS WE KNOW IT in L.A. County.
  2. PERSIST in the struggle for A ROOF OVER EVERY HEAD as we face a housing crisis in which median wage earners can no longer afford a two-bedroom apartment.
  3. INSIST on keeping L.A. IN THE VANGUARD OF THE CLIMATE JUSTICE MOVEMENT and ELIMINATE THE HAZARDS OF URBAN OIL DRILLING that are endangering the health of hundreds of thousands of Angelenos.

Liberty Hill is raising $2 million from individual donors to provide the resources we need to harness the momentum of the moment and win significant advances. Our victories will strengthen Los Angeles as a national model for a peaceful and prosperous future for everyone. We challenge our supporters to commit resources to our Agenda for a Just Future.