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Can’t get to toxic hotspot briefing? We’ll be live tweeting!

Boy-Inhaler_low rez If you were hoping to attend our Cumulative Environmental Impact briefing this coming Wednesday 9-12 at the Japanese American National Museum, we're sorry, but there's no more room.

The good news is we will be livetweeting and recording a webstream which we will post to the blog after the event. So no need to miss the presentations of:

Dr. Jonathan Fielding, Director of the County Department of Public Health

Dr. Tony Iton of The California Endowment

Dr. Richard Jackson, UCLA School of Public Health

Dr. Rachel Morello-Frosch, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Bill Gallegos, Communities for a Better Environment

Andrea Hricko, Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center

Elva Yanez, LA Collaborative for Environmental Health and Justice