We Have a Winner!

oct 23 2012
Byline: Shane Goldsmith, Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Wow! Liberty Hill is pleased to announce that thanks to 1,100 online voters for the Liberty Hill-Good Maker Challenge: Turn on the Turnout, we have a winner!

Korean Resource Center (KRC) will receive the $10,000 grant to launch the “My Parents Vote for Our Future” project, empowering Los Angeles Korean American youth to engage their parents in civic life and elections.Get

Immigrant Korean American adults represent a notoriously hard-to-reach population. Most have limited English proficiency, work long hours, and are unfamiliar with the voting process. At the same time, they care deeply about quality of life issues, especially education.

With the My Parents Vote for Our Future campaign, KRC will target voters age 30-55 and, based on its past track record, predicts that at least 5,000 unlikely voters will turn out in 2012.

Watch KRC’s terrific video to see how LA youth will Turn on the Turnout among Korean American parents!

Congratulations, KRC!


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