Photos of Recent Grantee Actions

oct 5 2012WHY ARE THESE WOMEN SMILING? Because they’re supporters of a bill just signed into law Sept. 22 by Governor Brown allowing registered nurses to give out hormonal birth control, thus increasing access. The bill was co-sponsored by Liberty HillĀ  grantee Black Women for Wellness.

This was just one of the many events and actions that Liberty Hill grantee members and leaders participated in during September. We’ve posted photos of some of these actions in an album on our Facebook Page.

oct 5 2012-2

Look for pictures of parades and marches, including this one of a contingent from Latino Equality Alliance at the Central American Independence Parade and Festival.

The Bus Riders Union marched to challenge MTA on development policies that displace and gentrify neighborhoods.

oct 5 2012-3

But that’s not all. Check out more photos in the Recent Grantee Actions and Events album.


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